A Day
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Learning takes place during the entire morning with a combination of adult-led activities enjoyed by the whole class or smaller groups, as well as child-initiated activities, aimed to encourage each child’s unique interests and skills.

Children may arrive from 7:30 am and play on the playground or in the classroom. Parents are welcome to play with their children. 

Our class day begins at 8:00am with a good-morning song and a review of the daily calendar.

Learning takes place with adult-led activities in smaller more concentrated groups.

Learning takes place individually in child-initiated activities.

Learning throughout the day takes place through social interaction, play and exploration.  

Our flexible snack time (9:00am to 10:30am) enables children to be more self-aware of their needs.

Our teaching method incorporates a  progressive use of English as the year develops, providing a solid base for our English Immersion Programme in Pre Kinder.

Weekly Music and Drama lessons with a specialist complement the learning.

Physical Development classes with a specialist three times a week reinforce motor skills.

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