At Markham, we have created a nursery environment with endless opportunities for children to engage in their learning. Our state-of-the art facilities, our international teaching staff and our continuous investment in both teacher training and educational resources are what make our Nursery so special.

Our classrooms are purpose built with spacious interiors (150m2 each), each equipped with full bathrooms, kitchen and air-conditioning.

One teacher, two teaching assistants and one helper, with a maximum of 25 children, are together in each class (ratio of 1:6).

There is an indoor speciality area designed for art and creativity.

There are speciality areas for sensory discovery, construction and imaginative play.

 There is a circle time area with a Smartboard.

There is an indoor reading and quiet area.

There is a well-resourced outdoor playground as well as water centres, vegetable gardens and large adjacent playing fields.

Our children take weekly visits to our Early Years library.

Our children have regular Physical Education classes in our gymnasium.

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